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280 Bannister Rd
Canning Vale, WA, 6155

+618 9455 2457

Etherington is a primary supplier to the West Australian independent retail market, sourcing high quality products from overseas, domestic, and interstate markets.

Our Team

Management Contact Details:

Stewart, Brent: Chairman

Etherington, Grant:

Caldow, Simon:

De Jesus, Igidio:

Etherington, Claudia:

Shen, Holly:



Contact Details

Beard, Nathan: Quality Assurance

Burdon, Roy: Storage & Logistics

Caldow, Simon: Imports

Grant, Craig: Citrus

Jackson, George: Pears

Mace, Christopher: Apples, Stone-fruit & Local Cherries

McGhie, Anthony: Strawberries & Imported Cherries

McGurk, Brian: Brussel Sprouts & Kiwifruit

Popelier, Simon: Pineapples

Smith, Kevin: Apples & Stone-fruit

York, Lyndsay: Avocados